Community Building One life at a time

One important aspect of our business is giving back. The Goody Vault team is grateful for the kind acts and benevolence that we have received in our personal lives and for that reason we make it a priority to give back to our community. In this section we would like to highlight some of our "Goody Initiatives" to motivate others to give back and partner with us in our efforts to change the lives of those who need it most. 


9 JULY 2018


Camp Thunderbird Sponsorship Summer 2018

One important aspect of our business is giving back to our community. The Goody Vault team is passionate about equipping youth with the life skills necessary to become successful 21st century leaders. We are proud to announce that we were able to sponsor a child to attend the 2018 Camp Thunderbird Friendship Camp! 🙌🏾 If you would like to donate or make a pledge please see the link:

This is an awesome opportunity to provide inner city youth with a full week of enjoyment in a safe Christ-centered environment. Thanks everyone! 😁



17 OCTOBER 2018


Mabel Edwards Achievement Scholarship (MEAS)

In honor of the late Mabel Edwards, The Goody Vault team is creating a scholarship to commemorate the life, legacy, and contributions of Ms. Mabel Edwards. One of her passions was encouraging youth in her community to pursue higher education, especially Christian education. This scholarship seeks to provide financial assistance to college students who demonstrate financial need while also serving as servant leaders in their respective communities. 

Additional information on the scholarship will be released in 2021. 



19 OCTOBER 2018


College Scholarship Presentation

On 18 October Good Vault founder Emanuel Edwards presented information on scholarship research techniques to aspiring college students at the Mae Jemison High School in Huntsville, AL. The Goody Vault team seeks to encourage future college students to tap into the millions of dollars in free money available to them instead of acquiring funding through loans. Mr. Edwards of shared his personal experience and how he was able to obtain over $40k in scholarship funding through web research. Students were encouraged to take the initiative in their future along with discussing effective techniques in scholarship research. The Goody Vault aims to inform as many students as possible of the money available to them by proper research and effective essay writing skills.



4 MAY 2019


College Textbook Scholarship Awarded

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.

-Jim Rohn

The Goody Vault recently had the honor of participating in the Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc. located in Tampa, FL for 2019 Scholarship and Awards Banquet. This event acknowledged the hard work of troubled youth who have overcome extreme adversity already in their young lives. The Goody Vault was blessed to be a part of such a worthy event where we were able to award a $500 textbook scholarship to Chance Martin. The program’s founder Mr. Tavis Myrick chose Chance to receive this scholarship because of his work ethic and dedicated to pursue higher education. Chance is scheduled to enroll at the University of Kentucky in this fall 2019. Congrats Chance, and to all of the other amazing gentlemen of the Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc. Tavis, you and the team keep up the great work!




Harvest Youth Club Roofing Project

It’s places like the Harvest Youth Club in Harvest, Al that make a huge difference our communities. Mr. & Mrs. Allen have dedicated their lives to bettering their community and making an impact on the lives of so many youth. Their dedication and sacrifice is unforgettable. Today was a special day for the Goody Vault team since we were able to donate $1000 to the Harvest Youth Club’s New Roof Project. In the words of Mr. Allen, “We need an insulated roof to keep our kids cool in the summer and warm in the winter”. Ha! He used this line repeatedly to recruit donors and it worked. It is an amazing feeling being able to give back to a place that has given so much! Especially to us.



08 MAY 2020


Scholarship Awarded

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” 

— Muhammad Ali

We're on a roll! The Goody Vault was able to support one of our favorite non-profit organizations for the second year in a row. The Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa Inc. located in Tampa, FL is committed to helping youth become productive members of society. Through structured activities, the program attendees learn from their mentors, their peers, and themselves. This year GQ of Tampa is not able to conduct the Scholarship and Awards Banquet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so they are conducting a virtual ceremony on 24 May 2020. This year's event will acknowledge the hard work of the troubled youth who have overcome extreme adversity already in their young lives.

The Goody Vault is always excited to support such a life changing programs. This year the Goody Vault was able to award a $600 scholarship to a graduating high school senior and a very special young man. More details to come after 24 May virtual ceremony! Best wishes to the GQ Tampa team and to our friend and Executive Director Mr. Tavis Myrick! So proud of the work that you all are doing everyday. 

Watch the 2020 Awards Ceremony here: 

Visit there website for more details and to donate:




Goody Vault Vintage Presentation 

The Goody Vault had the opportunity to share a special presentation about vintage clothing with the 7th and 11th graders at the Lindsay Lane Christian Academy on 10 September 2020. What an awesome opportunity to spark ideas in the minds of teenagers. As a business it is important for us to encourage creativity and passion in whatever we do. We hope that our presentation left an impact! Thanks again to our friend Mr. Jordan Brownfor the invitation.





Dr. George Russell Seay, JR Annual Lecture Series & Scholarship Awards 

Impressed by the life of the late Dr. George Russell Seay, Jr who was a friend, a educator, a leader, a family man, a community builder, and a amazing human being, the Goody Vault honored his life by donating to the Oakwood University (located in Huntsville AL) Annual Lecture Series & Scholarship Awards with a $1000 contribution. A life well lived is when you can make life changing contributions to the lives of others by selflessness and sincere love.

Thank you for your example Dr. Seay. 

For more information visit:



12 April 2021


Oakwood Adventist Academy Donation

The Goody Vault was proud to donate $1,228 to further the education of a worthy student. Emanuel Edwards, owner and curator of the Goody Vault knows what it is like first hand to experience the act of receiving donations from generous individuals to further ones education. To donate and support a child’s Christian education see the following: