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Goody Vault Special Collection

This year has been quite eventful for all us of especially small businesses like ours. Many of our friends and fellow small business owners were not able to continue in business because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic— our hearts go out to everyone who had to close their doors. Please support small businesses! 

Running a business is a privilege but a huge sacrifice full of risk and your support means everything to us at the Goody Vault.  Recently we were able to expand our showroom to a bigger space (2x bigger) in the midst of the pandemic. This was a risk but we couldn’t allow this opportunity to pass. God is good. To commemorate this huge leap for our business we are releasing a special collection of vintage items, vintage inspired items, and repurposed second hand items. These items are in limited supply so don’t miss out. Thank you for your continued support and God bless you! 

Big shout out to Correen @tattoodcloth for the amazing chain stiching work. 

Collection Releases Friday 11 Sep. 2020 at 12pm CST.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians: 4:13 NKJV



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